Wheredle is an extremely interesting spin-off game based on Wordle that is totally free-to-play for geography lovers. However, there is a restriction that you can only play this game once every day. Players are able to de-stress, have fun, improve their ability to observe as well as think quickly when playing Wheredle. The objective of this game is to determine the location of a different state in the United States every day by looking at a random image taken from Google Maps Street View. You will gain a wealth of fresh geographic knowledge as well as memorable experiences. Do you think you can become a geography master in Wheredle? Check it now! 

How to play Wheredle

We will give you a two-dimensional picture describing the scene and the location that you need to determine exactly. The scene descriptions that appear in the quiz will be very true to life, so players will probably recognize a lot of familiar places. Therefore, you won't have any trouble figuring it out. Players need to take the following steps to find the answer as quickly as possible: 

Contextual clues such as street signs, landmarks, and the surrounding environment can be used to infer the state in which images captured by Google Street View were taken. Following each inaccurate guess, an arrow will appear on the map, indicating the location to which you need to travel in order to reach the correct state. Before you give an answer to the question, you should give a lot of thought to it because each participant will only have a certain number of chances to guess. If you are the victor of this game or if you have a scorecard that is particularly impressive, you have the option of publishing the result of the game on social networking site.

The rules of Wheredle

The word-guessing game Wheredle is a great fun experience for people of all ages. You have a total of seven guesses, so you need to be careful to get the correct answer before your turn runs out. You cannot replay the game after you have won or given an incorrect answer. To be eligible to play this game again, participants must wait until the next day. 


2D graphics and an extremely accurate representation of the real world.

You can zoom in or out as much as you want in order to have a better view of the photo.

The controls are so clear and easy to understand, it doesn't take long to start playing from the very first round onward.

The more the players engage in the game, the more new cities and fascinating lands they will become accustomed to. 

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