Mathler is a math game aimed towards math enthusiasts all over the world.


Mathler, like Wordle, is low on rules and strong on simplicity.

  • You must guess the solution in six attempts or less.
  • Every equation you enter must have a valid solution. So, if the answer is 20, you can't suggest 50+5-2 because that doesn't equal 20. This is one of the most difficult aspects of it right away.
  • The equations are given in the following order, according to the PEDMAS rule: parentheses, exponentials, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
  • A correct entry is highlighted in green.
  • A correct entry in the incorrect location turns yellow.
  • An erroneous entry is shown in gray.
  • The other modes are Easy Mathler and Hard Mathler, with the former having five squares and one operator and the latter having eight squares and three operators. Mathler appears to get the difficulty level just right, and it's simple to master thanks to the familiar Wordle structure. If you enjoy word games, check out our Wordle alternatives.


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